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nancy drew fanfiction community

nancy drew fanfiction community
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All R and NC-17 stories should be friends-locked.

For that reason, if you ask to join the community, and I can't find some allusion, however vague, to your age on your profile, I'll probably send you a message just to confirm that you are, in fact, eighteen or older. It's nothing personal.

Body of post should include:

Story should be below lj-cut. If your story is rated R or NC-17, please change "Show this entry to:" to "Members," and change the Adult Content tag to the applicable rating: Adult Concepts for stories appropriate for ages 14 or older, Explicit Adult Content for stories appropriate for ages 18 and older. You may post your story in your own journal and link to it from here, if you wish.

Tags: Name of author, pairing, characters, rating, series, universe (if applicable). Moderator will handle tagging.

Postings: All postings should be beta-edited. A few grammar mistakes or spelling errors is okay, but if your fic appears to have never seen spell-check, I will either a) delete it, or b) edit it and repost it. If you need me to beta-read your story or chapter before you post it, feel free to email it to me as a Word document: nancydrewnickerson AT yahoo DOT com.